About us

21 Years of Luxurious Experiences


Newly refurbished Mangiamo, located on Bolton Road in Darwen has been open for 21 years and become established as one of the best places to eat out in the area.


Our restaurant has been built from a love of Italy and its culture, a love that is shared between all members of the Mangiamo family, but most of all from the owner Vass, who has been in charge for over 21 years. Vass grew up in Cyprus and has worked in Italian restaurants since the age of 17.


Our menu is based on traditional Italian recipes and is served in a way inspired by how the Italians classically serve and eat food. Here at Mangiamo we have custom made our menu to suit every customer, as we provide a variety of dishes that change on a regular basis, making it easier than ever to try new things and experience traditional Italian food that is not only delicious, but also different and exciting.


It is important to us that all our food is cooked and served entirely fresh, and that our dishes are prepared using only the very best ingredients; Mangiamo import many ingredients directly from Italy, to ensure the authenticity of the food, as well as sourcing fresh produce from local suppliers.

Providing full-bodied Mediterranean experience


Here at Mangiamo we truly believe in our restaurant and our food, and we aim to provide customers with a full-bodied Mediterranean experience.


Italian culture is all about sharing and trying new foods, a way of dining perfect for bringing family and friends together, and there’s no better place to meet up and sample some truly delicious food than in this traditional Italian restaurant.

Free Delivery in Darwen on all Takeaway orders. 10% off main menu prices on all Takeaway